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It's a normal day for Jim the Guy, the best plumber in the state of New York.

He goes to work in the local sewers, and to his surprise the place is infected with ghosts and monsters, and the place has been rigged with bombs! If someone doesn't do something quick, those bombs will go off and cause a massive cave in, right below NYC!

Jim grabs his old rusty hunting gun (he's never been one for hunting) and gets to work. He can't just let the city crumble —today, he puts everything on the line to save what he loves and do his duty. Today, he becomes a hero.

 This game was my first game jam game, and it was a tiring blast to make (made in 2 days and one night)! Please enjoy!

The project has also been made available on GitHub!

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and launch the .exe file.

Be sure to always keep the contents of the download folder in the one folder.

The first download link will provide you with the most recent version of Detonate, and the second will give you the legacy version originally submitted to the game jam.


Detonate Build 1.2.zip 17 MB
Detonate 1.0 (game jam original).zip 17 MB

Development log

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